Box set for Holiday Season

Posted: November 30, 2014 in Everything else
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9781472578136My four best-selling titles from the Basics Photography series are now available in a tidy slip case from Bloomsbury. Available in the shops for £64.99, the Basics Photography box set is available at a massive 30% discount online at £45.49 through the Fairchild/Bloomsbury website. The box contains the 2nd editions of both Basics Photography: Composition and Lighting as well as Exposure and Working in Black-and-white. A perfect present at this time of year for students of photography and related media studies as well as anyone interested in advancing their photography.

  1. Greg Poole says:

    I can Highly recommend any book on photography written by David. I have quite a collection of his books and frankly, what David doesn’t know about photography isn’t worth knowing. His books are packed with easy to understand descriptions and examples of the topic he is communicating to his reader. Your knowledge will quickly increase along with your understanding of the subject. If you ever get the chance to study with David, grab it with both hands. I have had that pleasure and you will find him an excellent communicator, both visually and orally. Buy with confidence, this set will be a great investment.

    Greg Poole, a very keen amateur

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