DGP_newDavid was born and schooled in the North of England. After gaining a BSc in Psychology at the University of Manchester, he enjoyed a successful and diverse career as a freelance journalist and magazine editor, publishing and computer consultant, trainer and music critic. His 1987 book Rock on CD sold well both in the UK and US (as Rock’n’Roll on CD).

A natural communicator, he spent a sabbatical year in America teaching photography in night class and youth programs in Rochester, NY. On return to the UK he taught the subject at all levels in universities, colleges, schools, at the prestigious Kodak Imaging Training Centre in Harrow and in his own photographic training workshops (Centre of Britain PhotoWorkshops Partnership).

His internationally successful books on photographic composition, exposure and lighting are now published by Bloomsbury under the ava/Fairchild imprint  for whom he has also written two books on black-and-white photography. His latest books a Visual Dictionary of Photography; and the Fundamentals of Creative Photography were published in 2011. His best-selling classics Basics Photography: Composition and Basics Photography: Lighting  are now in their second editions.

David was awarded his MA in Photographic History and Practice (with distinction) in 2010.

  1. Michael Gilligan says:


    Am I correct in assuming that it is you that wrote about the C&D MicroProjector in Micro Miscellanea issue 66 [just received]? A fascinating article, by a kindred spirit.

    Michael Gilligan
    Manchester Microscopical Society

  2. Tim Kikke says:

    Hi David

    I’m not sure if you remember me but you taught me A2 photography in 2004 at Cumbria Institute of the Arts. I just thought I’d drop you a note to say how appreciative I am of having been taught by you. You really did a fantastic job and I’ve still got an interest in photogrpahy, although now work in enterprise sales for Intel.

    I plan on taking up photography in a serious way again in the not too distant future – I’ve just been so busy with university and now work. I don’t think I’d have the patience to start working in the darkroom until I’m a bit older and it wouldn’t be the same without the college banter!

    Anyway, it was nice reading some of your blog and your bio. I hope everything is going well with you and you’re still teaching.

    Many thanks

    Tim Kikke

  3. Marianne Pojman says:

    Your Bronica RF image is so representational of your visit, I think. I’d like to see the rest of your image catalog from the states.

    How was traveling with that camera? ..and when will you return?!!

    Marianne “at the darkroom’

  4. David Prakel says:

    Thanks for dropping by – most of my ‘trip’ images were on the Canon G9 but I’ve used an image of Monroe Ave taken on the RF645 in my book on Exposure and one taken of Monica U in your studio to illustrate Northlight in the Visual Dictionary of Photography.

    The Bronica with the 45mm and 100mm lenses fits in a small system shoulder bag – though I would have liked more room to manoeuvre when changing film or lenses. I do find I shoot so much with the standard lens outdoors that the 100 is almost redundant – the 45 comes into its own inside buildings.

    Given the excuse I’ll be back like a shot – you know I still think of Community Darkroom as a second home!

  5. Joao Zanella says:

    Acabei de adquirir seus livros: composição e iluminação. Muito bons! Grato pela oportunidade de conhecer seu trabalho e a ter acesso a um conteúdo tão rico e espetacular. Afetuosamente, João Zanella (

  6. […] sombras, lentes, pixels etc e tal, procure pelo  livro intitulado Iluminação do inglês David Prakel, publicado pela Editora Bookman. (pesquise preços nas livrarias online […]

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