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9781472578136My four best-selling titles from the Basics Photography series are now available in a tidy slip case from Bloomsbury. Available in the shops for £64.99, the Basics Photography box set is available at a massive 30% discount online at £45.49 through the Fairchild/Bloomsbury website. The box contains the 2nd editions of both Basics Photography: Composition and Lighting as well as Exposure and Working in Black-and-white. A perfect present at this time of year for students of photography and related media studies as well as anyone interested in advancing their photography.

A shout-out to readers of my book Basics Photography: Exposure – what would you like to see expanded or added in any new edition? If you’ve any ideas or comments please post them here or contact me off line. 

Lighting_Fr_2nd_Ed005 Comp_French_2nd_Ed001The co-edition option for my books Basics Photography: Composition and Lighting has been taken by Pyramyd of Paris. The French language editions of these two best-selling titles are now at the heart of a new Creative Photography series as books 2 and 3 respectively. Les Essentiels Photographie Créative Composition Visuelle and Éclairage were published this month with the ISBNs (978-2-35017-312-2 and 978-2-35017-313-9).

Comp_Spn_2nd_Ed002 Lighting_Sp_2nd_Ed004Basics Photography: Composition and Basics Photography: Lighting 2nd editions have just been published in their Spanish co-editions by Blume.  Composición 2ª Edición and Illuminación 2ª Edición should now both be available with respective ISBNs 978-84-15317-69-2 and 978-84-15317-70-8.

Lightin_China_2nd_Ed001Just received my copy of Lighting 摄影用光 2版 Basics Photography: Lighting 2nd Edition in Chinese published this month by the China Youth Press with the ISBN 978-7-5153-2020-5. Surprised though pleased to see me own image ‘Barnstorm’ used on the cover in place of Frank Wartenberg’s ‘Melanie’. First edition imagery has come up crisp and fresh with some excellent new imagery looking great on the page. Again thanks to everyone who contributed – I’m immensely proud to have this book available to such a large readership.

فرهنگ مصور عکاسیFarhang_1

Published this month by Compass books in an first edition of 2,000, a Persian translation of my Visual Dictionary of Photography. Full details here. Layout and photographs have been reworked for the Iranian market with the original index retained but entries now grouped by concept and not simply alphabetised. New photography has been commissioned and used where substitution was considered appropriate. Translation is by Professor of Photography Karim Mottaghi with students Sonia Hekmati and  Reza Shokri.