Reviews: B&W

Working in black-and-white Basics Photography: Working in Black-and-white, David Präkel , AVA Publishing, distributed by Thames & Hudson, 170 pages, colour, softback, ISBN: 978-2-9940373-85-7

Prakel is no stranger to this column, I reviewed his Composition a few issues ago – one of the best I’ve seen in a long while. The black-and-white volume is equally entrancing, if not a little limited, in terms of its potential scope. We all need to understand composition, but not everyone likes to dabble in monochrome. If you do, this is a bit of a feast, with plenty for all skill levels. Prakel looks at both digital and film-based monochrome materials, faux black-and-white effects, variable contrast papers, digital noise, film grain, film and print scanning, tone compression and expansion, the Ansel Adams Zone system (Woo Hoo!), subject contrast, lighting contrast, high and low key illustration, and more. It’s a strong book with a wealth of good information, backed up with quality printing and imagery. Thoroughly recommended for all black-and-white aficionados. Better Digital (Australia) March 2009

  1. Tom Owens says:

    I went to see Klein & Moriyama at Tate Modern last Friday. On exiting through the gift shop one was met with a wall of Klein and Moriyama books related to the current exhibition. Rather than be drawn into those publications straight away, I took in what was on offer on the bookshelves. All were previous editions of both artist’s books apart from some selected AVA Academia series. It is worth noting that two of David Prakel’s books were on display alongside these greats. They are ‘Working in Black & White’ and ‘The Fundamentals of Creative Photography’. I have both already but what an accolade to position these books amongst world class great names in photography. The show by the way is an absolute must see.

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