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23330420-1_u_2I was unaware that Composition 摄影构图 2版 Basics Photography: Composition 2nd Edition had already been published over a year ago in Chinese. Published by the China Youth Press it has ISBN 978-7-5153-1849-3. Again thanks to all the origial contributors – I’m proud to have this book available to such a large readership but from some of the reviews on it seems the translation is not the best, which is a great shame.


Lightin_China_2nd_Ed001Just received my copy of Lighting 摄影用光 2版 Basics Photography: Lighting 2nd Edition in Chinese published this month by the China Youth Press with the ISBN 978-7-5153-2020-5. Surprised though pleased to see me own image ‘Barnstorm’ used on the cover in place of Frank Wartenberg’s ‘Melanie’. First edition imagery has come up crisp and fresh with some excellent new imagery looking great on the page. Again thanks to everyone who contributed – I’m immensely proud to have this book available to such a large readership.

Composition_chineselighting_chineseIt has been difficult tracking down the covers for the simplified Chinese language editions of my books Basics Photography: Composition and Basics Photography: Lighting. Available through the site (I think). Working in Black-and-white is also now available in a Chinese co-edition. I’m told the first two titles are selling well enough to be in their 3rd or 4th reprint.