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23330420-1_u_2I was unaware that Composition 摄影构图 2版 Basics Photography: Composition 2nd Edition had already been published over a year ago in Chinese. Published by the China Youth Press it has ISBN 978-7-5153-1849-3. Again thanks to all the origial contributors – I’m proud to have this book available to such a large readership but from some of the reviews on it seems the translation is not the best, which is a great shame.


ترکیب‌بندی در عکاسی


Recently published by Compass books, a Persian translation of my Basics Photography: Composition. Full details here. Again the layout and some photographs have been reworked for the Iranian market – though I’m assured the text remains as originally written.  Translation is by Ismail Abbasi and Ehsan Ghanbarifard. I understand a Farsi version of Basics Photography: Exposure is in the pipeline.

Driftwood IMG_0039

2004 – same fence 2012


Brought down by storms 2014 – fallen wood now cleared

9781472578136My four best-selling titles from the Basics Photography series are now available in a tidy slip case from Bloomsbury. Available in the shops for £64.99, the Basics Photography box set is available at a massive 30% discount online at £45.49 through the Fairchild/Bloomsbury website. The box contains the 2nd editions of both Basics Photography: Composition and Lighting as well as Exposure and Working in Black-and-white. A perfect present at this time of year for students of photography and related media studies as well as anyone interested in advancing their photography.

Lighting_Fr_2nd_Ed005 Comp_French_2nd_Ed001The co-edition option for my books Basics Photography: Composition and Lighting has been taken by Pyramyd of Paris. The French language editions of these two best-selling titles are now at the heart of a new Creative Photography series as books 2 and 3 respectively. Les Essentiels Photographie Créative Composition Visuelle and Éclairage were published this month with the ISBNs (978-2-35017-312-2 and 978-2-35017-313-9).

Comp_Spn_2nd_Ed002 Lighting_Sp_2nd_Ed004Basics Photography: Composition and Basics Photography: Lighting 2nd editions have just been published in their Spanish co-editions by Blume.  Composición 2ª Edición and Illuminación 2ª Edición should now both be available with respective ISBNs 978-84-15317-69-2 and 978-84-15317-70-8.